my story

I have always been SO into preloved clothing, when I was younger both my Mum and Auntie had a second hand shop in Hove where I would spend hours causing havoc. I began volunteering in a charity shop in my teenage years and its safe to say that’s where my passion for finding preloved gems began… 

Throughout the pandemic, I began emptying my wardrobe (there was a lot) as well as sourcing some incredible pieces, making sure they found new homes. Nowadays, I want to help my clients find new owners for their previously loved clothing- whether it be the coat they’ve been dying to get rid of, those shoes they haven’t worn in years or the bag that’s collecting dust in the corner. 

 At Threads by Jade, we specialise in the sale of pre-loved and vintage womenswear, accessories and shoes. I also do all this whilst entertaining my toddler who you may see sneaking into some of the photos featured on my website!